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Positive male role models in public schools

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I become a Tiger Dad?


A: The following items are needed to “activate” a Tiger Dad Volunteer:

1.   Complete the Inspiring Volunteers registration process and JOIN CSES PTA

2.  Review this Tiger Dads training

3.  Purchase a Tiger Dad shirt

4.  Schedule a date to be here


Please note:  ALL participants in this program MUST register with Inspiring Volunteers - the system that facilitates background checks for DSISD.  This must be completed PRIOR to the day a volunteer plans to be on campus.  

The link to Inspire Volunteers: 


Q: What does a Tiger Dad Do:


A:   As a Tiger Dad you will have an individualized schedule prepared for you by the school. It will include useful,  engaging, and meaningful activities like:

  • Greeting students as they arrive at school

  • Participating in announcements and taking photos with your child

  • Perimeter walks of the building and campus

  • Assisting teachers with classes, and

  • Special projects as available. 


Q: How do I sign up? What if I can’t make it for a full day shift?


A: We would prefer you sign up for a full day as it is the best way to be of value to the teachers, administration, and your child.  However, we understand that getting away for an entire school day is not easy. If you are only available to participate you can sign up using this tool, please note in the comments the time you are available. Unfortunately, we are unable to schedule Tiger Dads for less than a half-day shift as the time needed to create a schedule isn’t warranted for that amount of time.


Q: Who can “be” a Tiger Dad?


A: Sign-up is NOT limited to dads - if your child has an uncle, friend, or grandparent, who would like to spend the day on campus, they are welcome to sign up for a day as well!  Slots for the coming week "close" on Thursday in order to allow the front office to coordinate schedules with teachers and Dads of the Day.


Thank you for being a positive male role model for Cypress Springs Elementary!

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